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Manta TV

Manta TV is a dedicated space showcasing Aotearoa’s manta and devil rays in action!

Check out our latest research footage, video resources and more of our awesome citizen science submissions.

Manta Watch - Discovering Aotearoa's Gentle Giants Official Trailer [2023]

‘Manta Watch – Discovering Aotearoa’s Gentle Giants’ OFFICIAL TRAILER [2023]

We’re stoked to launch the trailer for our first short documentary in collaboration with the very excellent Salty Slate Ltd. This salty offering is jam packed with phenomenal footage of oceanic manta in Aotearoa’s waters, and features interviews with our incredible Manta Watch team… committed to studying and raising awareness for these highly intelligent, globally endangered, gentle giants. Proudly produced in collaboration with Salty Slate Ltd. #Manta #mantaray #giantmantaray #oceanicmanta #conservation #documentary #endangeredspecies #IUCN

Video Resources

Calling all citizen scientists – here’s what you need to know when encountering a manta in NZ.
In the event you encounter a manta, there are a few key pieces of info we need to get the most out of your sighting:
– Time & Date
– GPS Location
– Verification images/videos (the more the better)
– Images of the manta ray’s underside/belly, which we can then use to identify individual rays and determine their sex.
Please submit your sightings to via our online sightings map.

Introducing the Manta Watch NZ Charitable Trust (Feb 2023)

The Manta Measure - How Big is that Manta Ray?

Spinetail Devil Ray Season - Here's what you need to know!

Nov 2021 MWANZ Sightings Highlights

Nov 2021 MWANZ Survey Highlights

MWANZ Research Highlights, 2020-2021 Season

The Science of Manta Tagging

Emmy the Adventurous Manta!

Citizen Science Footage

Giant manta ray at the Alderman Islands


Lots of manta action at the Alderman Islands this 2022 season!
Video credit: Caleb Hines

Alderman Islands Manta Action


Research grade drone and in-water footage of Derro the manta.
Video credit: The Hunters Club

Devon the manta!


Check out Devon’s high speed slow motions manta flip.
Video credit: Mike Bhana

Spring time at the Poor Knights


A young manta encountered at the Poor Knights, November 2017
Video credit: Canadasam101

Debbie the manta!


Debbie is a Manta Watch NZ favourite, she’s a BIG female and was encountered off Red Mercury Island in 2019.
Video credit: Rowan Virbrickas

Manta Soup at Tutukaka – Feb 2022


Manta Soup at Tutukaka – Feb 2022 – check out that baby bump!
Video credit: Sophiavsea

Manta Ray at the Poor Kinights NZ


Manta encounter at the Poor Knights 2018. Evidence of negative interaction with fishing gear.
Vidoe credit: Dive Tutukaka

Spinetail Devil Rays – Offshore NZ


Devil Ray Blue Water Party!
Video credit: Slade Kerr

Manta & Kingfish at the Poor Knights


2012 manta ray encounter with kingfish entourage at the Poor Knights.
Video credit: Raymond Hamlin

MWANZ combines dedicated research and citizen science to learn more about Aotearoa’s oceanic manta and devil rays. We advocate for Aotearoa New Zealand’s oceanic ecosystems through research, conservation, education, and collaboration.