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If you have ever seen a manta or devil ray in New Zealand waters, you can contribute directly to our research and conservation efforts.

Submit your images and sightings below and in return, we will provide feedback about the individual manta you encountered. If your manta is new to our database you will be given the opportunity to name your manta ray!

Total Sightings: 578

  • Citizen Scientist’s: 388
  • Fisheries: 28
  • Manta Watch NZ: 162

= Spinetail Devil Rays

= Oceanic Manta Rays

    New Zealand Manta Ray Sightings Form

    Date of Sighting*
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    Manta Behavior

    Cruising (moving slowly on or just under water surface) Feeding (backwards rolls at surface / actively moving through zooplankton i.e. krill swarms) Cleaning (Hovering just above the reef and interacting with small reef fish) Courtship (one or more pairs of manta rays, one actively chasing/shadowing the other)

    Verification Image*

    Images / footage that clearly captures the highlighted area can be used to ID your manta ray.

    Example of Good ID

    We would love as many images and/or bits of footage as possible. The more you share, the more we can learn about your encounter.

    Please send your additional images or footage to via any of these free online transfer methods:
    We Transfer, Dropbox, Google Drive


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