What We Do

MWANZ combines dedicated research and
citizen science to learn more about
Aotearoa’s manta and devil rays.

We advocate for Aotearoa New Zealand’s
oceanic ecosystems through research,
conservation, education, and collaboration.

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Join our manta community!
If you’ve every encountered a manta or devil
ray in NZ waters we would love to hear from
you. Your sightings drive our research!

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What Are Manta & Devil Rays

Essentially flat sharks, these ocean wanderers
have evolved powerful wings enabling them fly
through the world’s oceans.

Big brained and highly social, these endangered
gentle giants urgently need our help.

  • Oceanic Manta Rays
  • Spinetail Devil Rays
  • Threats
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Sightings Map

Guess what, we have manta rays in NZ!

See citizen science in action and check out our real time manta and devil ray sightings map.

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Support Us

We’re a small grass roots charity committed to manta ray research and marine conservation.

There are heaps of ways to show your love
and everyone can get involved!

  • Adopt A Manta
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  • Volunteer
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