Introducing Edy Setyawan

Edy Setyawan is the PhD candidate at the University of Auckland focusing on the population dynamics and spatial movement ecology of reef manta rays in Raja Ampat. He has LOTS of experience on research and conservation of manta rays as part of his work with Conservation International Indonesia

His research has been primarily focusing on the population size, home range (location range that manta ray lives in), habitat use, movement ecology of manta rays.

Edy has heaps of experience tagging mantas and using drones to measure the body size of manta rays in his research. This has made him extremely good at using a drone and a reason why he is known as the “Drone Master” in the MWNZ team

Edy is one of MWNZ’s key project advisors and we are so lucky to be able to work with someone with so much experience, skills and MANTAstic energy

More details about @edysetyawan can be found here:…/edy-setyawan-profile…/